Celebrating Small Successes

In June, the BBC made a call out for comedy sketches for CBBC’s Classed Dismissed. I entered three sketches and was delighted to be shortlisted. The BBC frequently make call outs like this and it’s worth keeping an eye on their site for writers: BBC Writersroom.  It felt so good to be shortlisted, here is the lovely email I received from them.

Dear Olivia,

On behalf of everyone at BBC Writersroom and CBBC, we’d like to thank you for taking part in the CLASS DISMISSED initiative.

We had a fantastic response from comedy writers, receiving an overwhelming amount of submissions (over 1000 sketches) and our team of readers really enjoyed a diverse selection of brilliantly imaginative and funny sketches.

We’re pleased to say that your sketch was shortlisted. The readers were very impressed by the creativity of those shortlisted which displayed a range of qualities: exciting and imaginative interpretations of the brief and characters, understanding of audience and tone, and crucially, funny.

Unfortunately in this instance your sketches were not put forward to the Producers and we will not be able to give individual feedback. We hope you will not be too disappointed or discouraged; we appreciate it is frustrating not to receive specific feedback but only 24 sketches were selected to go in front of the Producers so it is a huge achievement to have made the shortlist.

What are your writing successes?

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