Publication day! Becoming Lady Beth goes live on Jane Austen’s Birthday.

Becoming Lady Beth is published today. It’s a double celebration as it’s Jane Austen’s birthday AND today has been named Jane Austen Day. There were moments where I did not think I’d meet the deadlines and I’m so glad I’ve managed it. From the moment of deciding to self-publish this novel, I wanted to publish it on Jane Austen’s birthday. The body of the story is set in Regency times and it wouldn’t have felt right publishing it without some nod to Austen.

To brief you a little about the storyline or if you’re curious about whether it might satisfy your readerly tastebuds, those who have been kind enough to give me feedback on the novel have described it as a mixture between Clueless and the ITV series Lost in Austen. So if you like yourself a bit of time travel, a bit of Mr. Darcy and a slightly misguided heroine then this is the book for you.

I want to extend my sincerest thanks to all my writer colleagues, friends, my critique group and Cornerstones Literary Consultancy who took the time to read through those early drafts and offer critique, praise and advice. Any writer knows that a book is not a sole endeavour but a rinse and repeat cycle of working and reworking, tempered with suggestions from others. That input from external sources is hugely valuable. I would also like to thank my talented sister, Ann Kiernan for creating the book cover, the final version of which you can see below. And never forgetting all those lovely readers who read Becoming Lady Beth – a book is nothing without readers and I truly appreciate all readers of my work. Thank you!

Click here to go to the Amazon site and try a sample or download.





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