Preparing for Publication

This week, I’ve mostly been looking at ways to get the word out about my book, Lady Beth Goldsworthy. Preferably ways that don’t involve shoving it down people’s throats. After giving the matter some thought, it ultimately came down to the belief that those readers who want to find Lady Beth will and those who don’t will ignore. This may seem obvious but as someone who is not an expert in marketing and who does not have an endless – scratch that – have any budget behind them, it is a huge relief. I wrote Lady Beth because I was interested in the era, the romance of the language and am a huge Jane Austen fan. It makes sense that other readers/writers who enjoy these things will hopefully enjoy Lady Beth.

Sketch of Jane Austen by sister Cassandra

Sketch of Jane Austen by sister Cassandra

I feel very much like a bit of a rookie at the moment. I am learning on the go and I have to record all that I want to do and all that I’ve completed so that I don’t forget what the process of publishing this novel involved. And when I say publishing, I don’t mean simply converting the manuscript to ebook format, I mean re-reading, revising, editing, line editing, proof-reading then onto design, which has its own set of revising and proof-reading.

So my first bit of advice to would-be publishers is get thy hands on lots and lots of notebooks. This should not be a problem for any writer, most of whom –myself included—have an unhealthy obsession with acquiring new notebooks. So dig one out of your collection and keep it with you at all times. Use it to record ideas or concerns you have about your manuscript or even to collect thoughts on your book cover. I’m very much gathering every piece of information on publishing I can at the moment. Each shining little nugget is collected and stored for me to use and consider when the time requires it. As writers, we are used to gathering information with incredible detail when creating our manuscripts, so why not use this ‘third eye’ to research how to publish and market our manuscripts.

Here is a suggested list on what you may need to consider when publishing your novel. This list may change over time, as I said, I’m still learning and there may be things that need to happen that I don’t know about yet!

  1.  Complete revisions
  2. Edit entire manuscript
  3. Line edit
  4. Send to proof-reader
  5. Whilst at proof-reader research book covers
  6. Design book cover
  7. Create book cover
  8. Edit entire manuscript on proof-readers findings
  9. Work on blurb
  10. Work on Author bio
  11. Complete Author Page
  12. Format manuscript
  13. Prepare manuscript for electronic device


This list only covers what happens to the manuscript. There are other things to consider when publishing. For example, I would love if I could persuade a few readers to take Lady Beth Goldsworthy on pre-launch so that it has a fair shot at reaching more readers once published. This kind of help might not be within my reach but a writer can only try.

So, presently Lady Beth Goldsworthy is going through the ‘complete revisions’ part of my plan. The novel is pretty tight as is but following some feedback there are areas where more could be made of certain scenes and I need to address these issues. I don’t want any little niggles in my mind about the plot and the flow of the story once it goes to publication. Although, I am experienced enough to realise that most artists are never 100% happy with the finished article and would continue to tinker forever if allowed. Sometimes you just need to let go. I am hoping to avoid falling into this trap by setting the publication date for December. Thereby feel free to shame me to the tips of my curling toes if I have not produced the goods.


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